Saved From Dogs by a Bus Driver in Turkey

Landing in Istanbul we caught ferries across the Marmara Sea and did a loop from Yalova to Bandimar. South from Yalova, around the east of Iznik, through Simiv and Silihli to Izmir. Then up the Aegean coast as far as Havran then over to Bandimar. I managed to exceed 80km/h on one of the descents.… Read more

Covering 1,750KM Across Tamil Nadu in 12 Days

A tour of Tamil Nadu. With none of my touring buddies free I take off alone to Chennai. It is late November, the southern Indian “winter” and dry season. I have a coupling-system frame to test but don’t bother to decouple it in either of the flight directions. With no particular plan and no one… Read more

Pumpkin Season after Eurobike

A work trip to Eurobike landing and departing Frankfurt (FRA). Previously I have tried to save time by taking the train from Frankfurt to Ulm and doing a one-day ride from Ulm to the show and return after the show. This time, for variety, I’ll use the trail+ride-from-Ulm system for getting there but post-show, I’ll… Read more

An urban tour of Vancouver

An urban tour of Vancouver and the surrounds. Particularly looking at the cycling infrastructure and the level of bicycle use. A test ride with the Ritchey Breakaway Coupling system. The intention was to be able to pack the bike in a small enough space to measure no more than 62” (W+L+H). This is the limit… Read more
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