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* All our bikes are designed in Australia Latest Rides From the Blog Read the blog A ride in Oregon, USA A week of touring all around Portland Oregon before heading south, finding the Willamette Valley cycleway, riding to Eugene and…Read moreA quick ride in China Just a 100km ride on a day. It is…

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Before Featured Products

Swabia The finest touring bike made. For lovers of the never ending road. View details Stirling From the Stirling Ranges to the Caucasus, ride across the planet on a Stirling. View details The Gibb State of the art. Comfortably ride around the world on The Gibb. View details Stirling From the Stirling Ranges to the…

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Bikes built to last

Comfortable and Efficient Touring Bicycles Conserve your energy with the most efficient equipment available for long-distance bicycle riding. If you do ride your bike many hours a day, you are always able to find a comfortable riding position. It is a very nice bike to ride. Safety is Top Priority If you are carrying luggage,…

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We turn ideas into our bicycles

For Travellers and Urbanites Our bikes have morphed from classic on-road touring bikes and have become adventure bikes or all-road touring bikes. Wider handlebars, room for much bigger tyres, lower gears, and generally bikes that can take harsher use. But they remain the ideal classic touring bike. You don’t have to be in the country…

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