Passing Elephants in Bandipur, India

Two of us, landing in Calicut and departing Goa. We are not following the coast to the north though. We head South East to Nilambur to call on friends there and then up the ghat to Mysore. Now a Deccan ride up through Karnataka through Hassan, Chikmagalur, Shimoga to Bijapur. Then trough Belgaum, down the… Read more

Getting Turned Around by Guards in Istanbul

A ride from Istanbul to Sofia (Bulgaria) via Greece. We are both on the alloy frame Mongoose version of the Randonneur bike series from Gemini. I’m towing a BOB trailer. Outside IST (Istanbul airport) making sure everything is secure and safe. I’ve just been turned around by the guards as I tried to ride over… Read more

A Maze of Bike Routes at the Bohdensee

A ride from Zurich airport to Romanshorn, the Swiss port on Bodensee where the ferry departs for the German side and Friedrichshafen where Eurobike is held. Being from Australia I instinctively use the roads, and the signs on the roads, to work out which way to go. But here there are no cyclists mixing it… Read more
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