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If you are not located within Australia you can purchase a bike on our online store.
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Outside of Australia we deliver by airfreight to your nominated address. It takes one to two weeks. Australian GST is not charged so the export prices are a 1/11 lower. Air freight charges to Europe, North and South America, New Zealand and Asia are AUD3$00 per bike.

When the bike arrives in your country you will be responsible for paying any import duty and local sales tax.

If at first you want to discuss your situation then just contact us. We’ll reply quickly.

At the point where a bike arrives in your country and someone is processing the import, they will be looking up tariff codes (HS and statistical codes) and rates. It is not always as simple as there being a duty rate for bicycles. There are various sub-categories from country to country. Also, where the bike is deemed to come from is checked. For example, a Rohloff hub comes from Europe. Some further differentiations may be whether the bike has bearings (it does), whether the wheels are both bigger than 63.5 cm (they are), whether the weigh is under 16.7kg (it is), whether the tyres are under 4.13cm wide (they are). Then there are trade agreements (such as AU-USA) and MFN (most favoured nation) statuses that get checked, and finally a code number and rate (which in some countries is zero) are settled on.

We recommend that you make inquiries locally about what local duties or taxes might apply in your case.

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