Touring Bike Brake Care and Service

Front and rear disc brakes. Always maintain touring bike brake service

We can’t stress enough the importance of regular touring bike brake service. With good service you can maintain a longer brake life and keep safe on your trips.

With hydraulic brakes, when the wheel is out of the bike you need to ensure there is a spacer inserted into the calliper. If it is not, and you operate the brake lever, the brake pads come in close together and you won’t be able to fit the wheel with the disc. This is not the end of the world and gently prizing apart with a few flat screwdrivers will do it.

Whilst disc rotors are not particularly vulnerable (and can technically be straightened if bent), we recommend to still take special care of the rotor when putting the bike into a bike rack or packing it for travel. This is no different to taking care of a rear derailleur. If it sticks out then protect it.

Always travel with a spare set of pads. Be familiar with how to replace them. It is very simple.