World Randonneur Touring Bicycles

For Travellers and Urban Cyclists

For decades we have worked tirelessly on perfecting our bikes. Taking them over long, harsh terrain and cityscapes alike. They are all born in Australia and tested around the world. They are open-road touring bikes, meticulously designed, for us survive the future on, anywhere and everywhere. Welcome to the Vivente World Randonneur.

Vivente Bikes Are Strong

We do everything possible to make your bike tough and long lasting. It is very reliable, not fragile, it’s as durable as a bike can be, it’s ‘notch-proof’ and tough.

Beauty in Form

Enjoy the elegance of careful and thorough design. Vivente combines functionality with simple beauty to give you the greatest satisfaction and enjoyment.

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Simple perfection. As bullet proof a chain-gear bike as you can get.
Take your time but go on and on. The ultimate union of comfort and grit.
State of the art. Comfortably ride around the world on The Gibb.
The bike for the open road. Ride across whole continents.
The finest touring bike made. For lovers of the never ending road.

* All our bikes are designed in Australia

Vivente Bikes is a venture of Gemini Bicycle Centres Pty Ltd, ABN 32 003 102 538

Address: 1/201 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 2204, Australia

Designed by Joshua McFarlane

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