Vivente Bike Service

We have assembled various downloadable service documents so you can access them from anywhere. There is a video on bike packing specific for Vivente Bikes here and another video regarding packing without a carton. There are some other service discussions specific to long distance cycle travel.

Please note that youtube is a great resource for many things such as changing housing on hydraulic brakes, changing cables on Rohloff, adjusting derailleurs, fitting starnuts and headsets, and much more.

Your new Vivente Bike comes with the tools you require from initial assembly, to regular service and for packing for travel. There is a list of what is included and it’s function.

How Tos

EBB & Belt Tensioning

An eccentric bottom bracket (EBB) is one that allows you to move the normal bottom bracket, which is screwed into the EBB, forward or back so as to tighten or loosen the chain or belt. 

Brake Care & Service

We can’t stress enough the importance of regular touring bike brake service. With good service you can maintain a longer brake life and keep safe on your trips.

Fitting a Tubus Duo Front Rack

We recommend the Tubus Duo front rack and have located attachment points on the fork blades at 165mm from the front eyelets on the fork dropouts for this purpose.