Tools and Spares

All Vivente bikes come with all the tools needed for assembly, packing and maintenance. Plus some spares.

Spare Spokes

There is one for each wheel-side plus an extra one for the rear right. On a tour, attach them on the underside of the left seat-stay using the mounts on the frame.

Spare Starnut

This is needed if you decide to cut a bit off the fork steerer in order to lower your handlebars.

14/15mm Spanner

The 15mm is the pedal spanner. The 14mm is not used on VWR bikes but often fits something on other bikes.

10mm spanner

Needed to remove the front mudguard. Also the tool to tighten the eyebolts that attach the guards to the stays.

8mm Spanner

Needed to attach the rear light.

Horn and Mounts

The best way to warn livestock and wild animals that you are coming through.

Two Pieces of 6mm Tubus Spacers

For the mounting a front carrier – to move it out from the fork blade. Or for sitting a seat-tube mounted water bottle cage out from the front derailleur band on smaller frames.

8mm Hex Key

For tightening or completely removing the cranks. To be used with the pipe extender.

5mm Hex Key

For adjusting seat height, tightening kickstand, Swabia accessory bar, brake caliper attachment, EBB (eccentric bottom bracket) adjustment headset top-cap screw, brake and shift lever tightening, derailleur attachment, derailleur cable clamps, front sprocket pins, attach Rohloff rotors to hubs.

4mm Hex Key

For tightening screws on handlebar stem, all electric cable mounts, all rack mounts, fender to frame/fork mounts.

3mm Hex Key

For B&M mirrors, Swabia accessory bars, Hylex brake pads.

2mm Hex Key

For Rohloff cable attachment at the external gearbox.

SPD Shoe Plate Hardware

These come with the pedals.

Spare Brackets

These are for mounting rear fender stays to rear carrier.

Small Scissors

These are for cutting zip-ties when putting the bike back together after travel.

Hydraulic Brake Stopper

For when front wheel is out.

Spare C-clamps

For brake cable mounting to frame.

T20 Torx Key

For Rohloff shift lever tightening, external gearbox plate, disc rotor attachment to hub.

T25 Torx Key

For adjusting kickstand height, and adjusting angle on rear carrier. To attach most rotors to the hubs.

Chainwheel Pin Tool

Used for checking the outer ring of the crank-attaching bolts is tight prior to extraction with the 8mm hex key.

100mm Length of Copper Pipe

For spacing the front forks during travel and use as a hex-key lever extension.

Three Mounting Brackets

Sizes are 22.2-22.6, 25.4-26.8 and 28.6-31.8mm

Headset Spacers

For use in packing for travel where the stem is off (and on Swabias, the accessory bar is off).

Extra Bottle and Cage

One is already mounted on the bike.

Protector for Front Disc Rotor

This should be handed over by the assembly mechanic as it is part of the initial bike packaging.

Spare mirror

The bike comes with an 80mm mirror and the spare mirror head is 60mm. Very light so good to carry.

Neoprene tool bag

Light and strong.

VWR Warranty/Service Documents

Service and warranty hard-copies

Applicable to Rohloff Models Only

The Gibb and Swabia and Stirling

Gates Manual

For service and details regarding the gates belt drive.

Rohloff Manual

For service and details of your Rohloff gear system.

Two Pieces of Spare Cable for Rohloff

They have the Campag size head.
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