Simple perfection. As bullet proof a chain-gear bike as you can get.
Take your time but go on and on. The ultimate union of comfort and grit.
State of the art. Comfortably ride around the world on The Gibb.
The bike for the open road. Ride across whole continents.
The finest touring bike made. For lovers of the never ending road.

We Focus on the Functional

We just want your bike to be comfortable, safe, versatile in use, easy to control, and to always work. It is inconvenient to get punctures and have parts wear out, whether you are commuting or touring. But with our touring dedication we pay maximum attention to things like strength and reliability. Our bikes are made to serve you. We think we are facilitating you to ride more.

For details about our earlier models please review our Recent Models

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PH: +61 2 7900 6734  
PO Box 156, Summer Hill, NSW 2130, Australia

Vivente Bikes is a venture of Gemini Bicycle Centres Pty Ltd, ABN 32 003 102 538

Address: 1/201 Marrickville Rd, Marrickville, NSW, 2204, Australia

Designed by Joshua McFarlane

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