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We want this website to be an informational resource. It is more on the facts about the bikes and less on what we do with the bikes. In fact, bike travel is so good that stories about it can be distracting when you are researching a new bike decision.

However, our constant test-riding has resulted in us being especially familiar with various travel issues. Packing bikes and reassembling them, and navigation, are so necessary in the touring lifestyle, so we are sharing some of what we learned.

The bike packing video below is our first. We are now working on a follow-up one demonstrating how to pack at an airport using materials you have purchased on the ride to the airport and been able to carry with you to the terminal. We did it with a GoPro camera in Bangalore Airport. We used zip-ties, bathmats, heavy twine, tarpaulin, packing tape and rope. All were purchased on the ride out to the airport. Here is a shot of our baggage arriving at Sydney Airport in A1 condition. Cartons are easier but if you can’t get one you can do this. Ironically, in places where cartons are not available, these packing items tend to be easy to find.

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