Caving in and Deciding to Use GPS

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A trip to Eurobike in southern Germany, using a return flight to Frankfurt. With my bike still in the carton I bought at Sydney airport, I catch the ICE train to Ulm. 140KM from the bike show, ride to the show, stay at the camping there, then get regional trains to Nuremburg and ride west through Wurzburg to Frankfurt, get a carton at the airport and return to Sydney.

There is nothing like a long bike ride after a long flight to get you into the time zone. Descending down to Bodensee through hops and apple farms I know I am almost there.

On the train NE to Nuremberg’ stopping at many stations, the number of bikes parked at each one is amazing.

Riding in Germany, indeed in much of Western Europe, one is regularly treated to surprises. Arriving in Wurzburg an example of that is this beautiful old bridge with statues of saints on each side.

The bridge was destroyed in WW2 and completely rebuilt. Now it is just for pedestrians and cyclists.

In the town square a woman basks in the sun.

Leaving Wurzburg. It is always nice to see other touring cyclists.

Crossing through forests to another valley. My frame is a test version of the Ritchey coupling system, rear cantilever brake, Tiagra shifters, Taiwan leather saddle. This is the first of three of these saddles I try and they all broke.

Heading west on bike paths past families doing what German families do..ride bikes.

After following a canal for some distance and wanting to get to the other side, there is a lock. While the cruise boats are raised to the new level the tourists eat ice cream sundaes.

In the forests surrounding Frankfurt airport I can hear the planes. It must be here somewhere.

It is the destination, but I have to ride another 15km to find the correct entrance. Mental note…figure out how to use a gps device!

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