Fixing Broken Pedals for the Locals in Odisha, India

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    North Odisha, India
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A ride in northern Odisha. We landed at Vizasg, the only international airport in the region. We used the train system to get to Bhubaneswar and back. The focus was in the forested and tribal hill areas of Odisha State.

The vibrancy of the street sellers tells us we are really in India again. It is such a stimulating and amazing country.

A farmer uses a water lift to manage the level in his paddy.

Check out how much load is on this rickshaw at the markets.

We pass herds of cattle as we head inland.

With another rice harvest done and the grain threshed out, the straw is being carted to haystacks.

A fish trap.

There are lots of ways that grain is threshed in India and often in a given area one way is favoured. Around here it is the cattle-drawn heavy log-roller. We see them every day. The roller is pulled round and round in circles.

Heavy load passing.

Making an enclosure to either keep animals in or out. Natural materials being woven through sticks dug into the ground.

The never ending transportation of firewood on bicycles. One of so many shots like this I’ve taken on this trip.

When touring in poorer areas of India I carry pedals to replace the broken pedals so many of these local bikes have.

Beautiful pastoral scenes. Classic India.

The man in this picture met us on a road 50km out of Cuttack and asked us to stay at his humble home in Cuttack (where we were headed). Words can’t express how gracious and kind he and his family were.

At the train station in Cuttack. The regulation is that bikes have the handlebars covered and a reference number and destination is painted on the wrapping. When you arrive, you wait for your bike at the luggage depot. The bikes don’t necessarily even come on the same train. Once they even came the next day!

These are the same boys that washed my bike in Vizag last year. They were so stoked that I came back. They did a great job.

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