Getting Turned Around by Guards in Istanbul

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A ride from Istanbul to Sofia (Bulgaria) via Greece. We are both on the alloy frame Mongoose version of the Randonneur bike series from Gemini. I’m towing a BOB trailer.

Outside IST (Istanbul airport) making sure everything is secure and safe.

I’ve just been turned around by the guards as I tried to ride over the Bosphorus Bridge. It’s not fair.

The Blue Mosque in Istanbul. The blue is on the inside.

Climbing up and away from the Mamara Sea, moving west.

In Kavala, Greece, on the coast. This aqueduct is probably of Roman origin and was used up till 1911.

In northern Greece. The trailer is going well. It is great being able to put anything (eg a big watermelon) in.

Probably the last trip for this old Bunyip handlebar bag. Time to try the Ortlieb clip on. More secure over bumps.

In northern Greece. Some big ranges with vistas. This one is looking SE.

Boys on bikes. In Razlog Bulgaria. They followed us around on a rest day and when we finally got back to our hotel they parked outside. Kids on bikes often befriend bike tourers.

This is a good example of the local Bulgarian style of rock carving. Very chunky and lots of it.

The icreams here are served in cones which are placed on special scales. You pay for what you get.

In Sofia the buskers in the central park are playing up a storm.

Why didn’t I think of this before? This is such an efficient and easy way to wash the bikes ready for Australian quarantine.

It was hard to find cardboard in Sofia. But the trailer made it quite easy. After packing at the airport with packing tap[e and rope, the plastic wrapping machine finished them off well.

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