Short Beds & Thatched Rooves in Dorset, England

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Outside of Heathrow there are busses to many places. I took my bike out of its carton and managed to get it into the luggage hold and soon was in Salisbury. From there I wandered through Dorset, Somerset and the Cotswolds, finally to Bath, catching a train to Heathrow where I was able to buy a bike carton.

It is amazing to see the commitment of resources to construct a cathedral on the scale of the one at Salisbury. It took generations to build. Today we can’t imagine such an undertaking.

These country lanes are gorgeous to cycle along. There is practically no traffic on a weekday. I don’t even care where it is going as there will always be an Inn further along where I can stay.

Sure enough, a country Inn with thatched roof and all. The rooms are small, the bed is short, the shower and ceiling too low. There is no wifi. But it is charming and I am not complaining.

I’ve heard it is cold and rainy here in England but that is not the case for me. It is beautiful weather and the roads are fantastic for cycle touring.

Why bother with fences you have to pay for and maintain when you can have hedges for free. This is hedge central. Second only to New Zealand.

This roofing system is amazing. Perhaps not long lasting as some. Not sure about that. But thatched rooves are beautiful. They are common around here.

Opps a bit of fencing in the foreground! Every time you climb a hill you know you’ll be treated with gorgeous a vista.

What is it about old stone buildings? The fact that they are made with natural materials and last forever? That you can see the craftsmanship woven into the structure? That they outlast the need for them but remain as reminders of older times?

This is a typical country road in the Cotswolds. It would be difficult if there were big trucks or hoons but generally, today at least, there is negligible traffic.

Plenty of roadside fruit for cyclists.

England treats its history with respect. Things we would never know about are signposted and make for interesting reading at night.

Arriving in Bath. I am amazed by the number of folding bikes being ridden around. The next morning I see why. On the train bound for London several people have folding bikes tucked in beside them while I had to prebook one of the few places available for a full sized bike.

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