Cycle Touring Heaven of Bavaria

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A ride from Zurich airport, to Basel, Strasbourg, around Stuttgart, to Munich, then to Lindau and around Bodensee clockwise to Eurobike at Friedrichshafen.

Street scene in Strasbourg.

Watching a canal lock fill up. The canal systems throughout Western Europe provide cyclists with thousands of kilometres of cycle paths along or beside their banks.

The cathedral in Ulm. It is so impressive. Ulm is a city to pass through on any tour of Germany.

A separate crossing for cyclists.

Bavaria is cycle touring heaven. You don’t need to choose a route based on where the cycle paths are. You decide where to go and there will be a way to go on bike paths.

Lunchtime at the lakes south west of Munich.

Coming down to Lindau from Meiningen. Bodensee with the Swiss alps on the other side. This area is literally teaming with cyclists doing the multi-day ride around the lake.

Home vegetable gardening and communal gardening is very popular in this region and from the bikes we admire them.

This has been a test ride of the Humpert trekking bar. Verdict? Better than other trekking bars because it does not reduce the reach on the bike and it offers settable angles for the extensions.

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